• FRESH Circus #4

    transdisciplinarity & cross cutting practices

    The actual realities of the circus sector in Europe: contemporary forms of circus have been evolving incorporating many forms; in recent times, circus artists have escaped traditional artistic boundaries to find inspiration within other industries (technology, science, business). This 'transdisciplinarity' questions the traditional categories of thinking around and ‘the arts’ and provides potentially diverse and innovative approaches to circus creation and production.


    BEAM was invited to contribute to a one-day seminar on the theme of transdisciplinarity and cross-cutting practices in the arts with a special focus on circus. BEAM shared its broad approach to transdisciplinarity to a diverse group of European circus professionals, which brought a new perspective on the topic that was judged extremely valuable for thinking of transdisciplinarity in circus.


    A seminar input and workshop was conceptualized and led by Marisa König Beatty and Laura Olgiati. The International Seminar for the Development of Circus Arts took place in Brussels From 13th to 15th March 2018.

  • Cover image ©J. Van Belle – WBI

    Image ©J. Van Belle – WBI