• Dreamtank

    the future of landscape

    The future of the landscape demands not only an intellectual debate; as a personal and social living space, it also impacts our affective and imaginative sides.


    In a specially equipped Dreamtank, participants of the 1st Swiss Landscape Congress were invited over the course of two workshops to jointly construct and explore the landscape of the future narratively on a fictional level. In this way, diverse, curious and exciting descriptions of the landscapes in which we want to live, emerge.


    Conceptualised and produced by Björn Müller (BEAM) and the artist collective Neue Dringlichkeit. Performed on 23 August 2018 at the 1st Swiss Landscape Congress in Luzern.


    Team: Christopher Kriese (ND), Björn Müller (BEAM), Miriam Walther Kohn (ND), Nele Solf (ND).

  • Acknowledgements


  • Cover image ©BEAM and Neue Dringlichkeit

    Video ©BEAM and Neue Dringlichkeit