• Arbeit 4.5

    a performative, blended-reality audio-walk

    Whoever once said "work" meant "paid labour". However, more and more people have become «entreployees», solely, and continuously, responsible for the design, control and marketing of their own work. What hopes but also fears do we associate with the idea of independent employment? Is it the path to salvation for our desire for more freedom, creativity, meaning and self-realization? Or is it just a euphemism for the dissolving of boundaries and self-exploitation?


    Arbeit 4.5 is an immersive and performative audio-walk that sends participants on a journey by foot through Zurichs' Districts 4 and 5, enabling a reflective as well as sensory examination of the question: "how do we want to work in the future?" In a blend of reality and fiction we meet various protagonists, among others a juice bar creator, an innovative Creche founder, a digital day labourer, a work psychologist, a futurologist, a critical sociologist and "Mr. Langstrasse". They are our travel companions, on our ear or with us in the space, accompanying us on this humorous and surprising, documentary-fictional work of art.


    Conceptualised and led by Diana Rojas Feile and Björn Müller. Performed in autumn 2016 and spring 2017. Co-produced with the University St.Gallen and Impact Hub Zürich .


    Conceptualised and led by Björn Müller, a public symposium title #FutureofWork took place on 20 May 2017 in collaboration with ​Impact Hub Zürich and the Syndicom trade union for media and communication on the occasion.


    Thanks to SNF Agora, Migros-Kulturprozent, Syndicom, Stiftung für Radio und Kultur Schweiz for financial support.


    Team: Diana Rojas-Feile, Björn Müller, Martina Kunz, Lukas Kubik, Jacob Jensen, Michael Sauter, Fabienne Hadorn, Julian Grünthal, Laura Olgiati, Stephanie Feeney, Johanna Muther, Claudia Breitschmid, Miriam Hempel, Ria Nasaudeanu

  • Impressions

    "Das war viel mehr als ich von einem Audio-Guide, so wie man ihn aus dem Museum kennt, erwartet hatte. Es war mehr so ein Hör- und Lauffilm, total cool, es hat einen so reingezogen, auch durch die fantastischen Sounds und die Musik. Danke!"

    Bernhard Maier, Teilnehmer, 02.10.2016

    Der Walk ist das beste, was ich bisher zur Wissensvermittlung via unkonventionelle/künstlerische Ansätze gesehen/erlebt habe. Für mich seid ihr mit dem Projekt ein grosses Vorbild!

    Prof. Dr. Nada Endrissat, Dozentin der Berner Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft, 03.10.2016

  • Acknowledgements

    Production support

    Financial support

  • Cover image ©Johanna Muther and Claudia Breitschmid

    Video ©Björn Müller