• about us

    BEAM is a Dream Tank formed in Zürich, Switzerland in 2015. Through experiences such as public actions, interventions, performances and workshops we playfully, yet pointedly, ask questions about how we want to live, work and play, both today and in the future. Imagination, immersion, participation and reflection are the main tools we use when dreaming up new experiences, be it for self-initiated projects or in collaborations with other organisations. Interdisciplinarity is the only thing we know, beginning with the BEAM team who bring backgrounds in engineering, technology, science, business, performing arts, organisational psychology, fine arts and photography.


    As a curious and collaborative organisation we want to:

    _create an experimental playground where art, science and business can meet

    _ re-imagine future scenarios from work, organization, civil society and business and turn them into today’s experiences

    _ re-claim fantasy for the purpose of civil and political engagement

    _ inspire more public engagement


    The team behind BEAM is Nicola Blum, Stephanie Feeney, Marisa König Beatty, Björn Müller, Johanna Muther, Laura Olgiati. For organisational, intellectual and moral support we are hugely grateful to Marion Betizeau, Anne-Laure Franchette and Nathalie Rutz.


    BEAM is a spin off from Impact Hub Zürich (IHZ), an organisation that offers support to startup companies in the form of co-working space, coaching and training programmes. The BEAM founding members met at IHZ and were motivated to co-found BEAM based on a shared belief that there is space in our society for a more content-led and affirmative critique.


    Although we have been dreaming together since 2015 the association was officially founded in 2017.


    If you are interested to know more, or work with us collaboratively, we’d like to hear from you.