• We turn future scenarios into today's experiences.

    Our public actions encourage dialogue about the collective future.

  • engaging micro-communities in cultural exploration

    workshop on transdisciplinarity & cross cutting practices

    the future of landscape

  • pop-up lost & found office for meaning and motivation at work

    the future of science

    a performative audio-walk​

    dare to care

  • about us

    At BEAM we all give our time, energy and love because we care about our collective tomorrow. There is a lot of talk about the future. So-called future experts sway between alerting us to future dangers or promising unforeseen advancements. But who is involved beyond the so-called experts? We believe it matters, today, who engages with the future. And we believe it matters how we engage: through which formats can ‘future-making’ happen?


    Our mission therefore at BEAM is to not only talk about the future but collectively experience it. We founded BEAM in 2015 in Zürich, Switzerland. As a Dream Tank and through public actions, interventions, performances and workshops we invite diverse audiences to playfully, yet pointedly, ask questions, imagine and experience how we want to live, work and play. We believe that complex challenges, from climate change to business, from migration to automatization, are not solved through technological innovations alone. Instead we use imagination, performative immersion, participation and reflection to dream up social innovations.


    Be it for self-initiated projects or in collaboration with other organisations, we bring diverse perspectives to the table. Transdisciplinarity is our core value, beginning with the BEAM team itself. We bring a mix of backgrounds and experience to the table: from engineering, technology, science, and business to performing arts, organisational psychology, fine arts and photography.


    Nicola Blum, Stephanie Feeney, Marisa König Beatty, Björn Müller, Johanna Muther, and Laura Olgiati are the founding team behind BEAM. We met at the co-working and start up support space, Impact Hub Zürich, in 2015. The BEAM dream tank association was officially founded in 2017. For organisational, intellectual and moral support we are hugely grateful to Marion Betizeau, Anne-France Colisson, Imke Hedder and Nathalie Rutz.


    If you are interested to know more, or work with us collaboratively, we’d love to hear from you.


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